Brookhaven Prayer Partnership
Meeting Report • April 21, 2008

This report is going out to everyone, whether you were able to attend or not, because the testimonies shared need to be remembered and decreed. I have included as completely as possible what was shared, and I pray I’ve done it accurately.

Since Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread are currently going on, we started the meeting by observing the Lord’s Supper. This is the Hebraic month of Nissan, which is biblically understood to be a time to decree (by speech) your future. So this will be a time when your faith will be stirred so that your mouth aligns with and declares the purposes of Heaven.

Because the goal of BPP is to pray in the purposes of God, this seemed the opportune time to share any word, insights, visions, etc., that the Lord has given us about Brookhaven and begin to decree them in prayer and to one another, i.e., “get our mouths aligned with and declare the purposes of Heaven.”

Betty Harrington shared how Brookhaven was moved from its original location to its present one amidst some controversy about the location of the railroad. Its present location is on the highest point on the RR between N.O. and Holly Springs. Because the Lord determines city locations, Betty sought the Lord about the move.
She was given Matt. 5:14 – “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.” [We trust that means Brookhaven is destined to be a place of revival and it will be noticed.]
In the early nineties, Renee Allen had also received a word that Brookhaven was to be a City of Refuge. [A destiny that has already partially been fulfilled through Katrina]

Eileen Ebbers read Dorris Nolan’s testimony of how God had gotten her through a difficult surgery—one that someone her age usually does not survive. When she inquired of Him “why,” He told her to pray for those in authority. She has been speaking at as many places as possible, giving out sticker labels ”Have I prayed for my country today?” and encouraging everyone to pray urgently and daily.

Maria Greer has been doing prayer walks in her neighborhood, because she recently moved there, she did not know many of them. Through various divine appointments during a short period of time, she has come to know 3/4 of the families and many specifics of their prayer needs. Remember, there are family issues in each home.

Patricia Beauvais also told of a time 7 years ago (1999-2001) when she also walked her neighborhood praying for two years. There were times the Lord would tell her specifics to pray for.

Pastor Parker is often put in places where she sees things going on—some unlawful and some harmful behavior. She prays for the individuals and often speaks to them. She wants us all to pray for discernment about what to do/say/pray when any of us sees such things.

Lorraine Ezell read the vision and word that her Aunt Rosie received in Oct, 2005 She saw 3 chariots over Brookhaven. One of them was “stalled” about where Ms Bea’s* is. The Lord told her that it had been stopped by our inaction. We’ve been expecting others to do what we’ve been called to do. We need to take up the mantle that has been given us, witness to the lost, and help bring revival to Brookhaven. This is her testimony:
I Rosie Forrest take pen in hand to write what the Holy Spirit has spoken to me. Under His leading, I write. For about three hours, as I was praying and listening to the Holy Spirit as He spoke to me. I write according to His direction.
“Some years ago, I lead many of my children to a place of prayer and intercession. I called many to carry out my work. I anointed also those I called to take this city for My Glory. You did not understand My calling to you. You continue to pray for others to show up and do the work I empowered you to do.
I sent chariots among you. Two were sent to other places, but one stopped in your city and there it stayed, stopped by your inaction in the field. I told you to bring in the harvest. You will know and understand what I am saying to you. “You understood your call.” I do not rebuke you, but know, I have beforehand called you to do the works of Christ. Signs and wonders following the believers as they actively follow My bidding.
Now those you have prayed for so long are in your presence but I say unto you the work and labor is yours. So take the mantle I hand to you. Do not shake it off as before. I look to you my called out ones, to do the work of the ministry of Christ in your area. You are already equipped to bring in the harvest.
Learn of Me and obey. I have chosen you for such a time as this. So redeem the time. Your labor will be short. I will always be with you. I call you out to be separate, Holy.
I will anoint you as you follow My calling.”
These are the things He spoke to me, “Help me Lord to understand”. Rosie Forrest.

Joyce Sandifer said that the Lord had told her that her teaching SS and praying should be continued as lead, but she (we) need to center in on individual witnessing.

Bobby Melvin testified that when we see the need, we should move in on it. The Lord is showing us things and we tend not to follow through. [Pastor Parker reminded us that a great need is discipleship training.]

Jerry Henderson had visions periodically since the early 1990s.
A vision of a thick cloud move down Monticello Street from about Ms Bea’s* toward BHS [in scripture such a cloud can signify the presence of God]
A vision of a crowd of people in a familiar parking lot. I saw a close-up of a person that I knew.
A vision of a crowd of people in the Brookhaven High School stadium. Again, a close-up of one person’s face that I knew.
Another vision of a crowd of people in the Brookhaven High School Stadium. Once again, a close-up of a familiar face.
A vision of a vacant lot that I am familiar with. On the lot were rows of folding chairs.
Several times saw lines of traffic in the city limits of Brookhaven.
Lines of people going into Alexander Jr Hi
She was led by God to walk the streets of Brookhaven, along with Ella Henderson. “We were told to use our authority in Christ to speak forth Life and Truth in this city. As we walked, the Lord has used the words Rain, Wave, Wind, and River to describe His Visitation to our city. Praise the Lord!”

Pat Dunn reminded us that the stadium at BHS is named King Field – a name with significance.

In the early 1990s Maxine Dillon saw a:
Dark, thick cloud at the intersection of highways 84 and 51.
She saw no cars, but people were heading to Brookhaven.
They seemed to be running to revival.

Dorothy Holmes reminded us that people are being brought and brought back to this city.

Patricia Beauvais recounted an experience her daughter had in July 2006. While on her way home from work, P.J. saw angels – huge ones – sitting on the power lines and standing by the light poles [power = power; light = revelation]. When she got home, her parents were watching “Breakthrough” on TV. P.J. asked the Lord what all of this meant. He said He was about to switch on the glory switch and bring about the light of His glory and knowledge. He had sent the angel named “Breakthrough” to Brookhaven. He and the other angels were here to prepare the atmosphere for what He was about to do. He gave her this scripture:

Lift up your heads, O you gates! And be lifted up, you everlasting doors! And the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, The Lord mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, O you gates! Lift up, you everlasting doors! And the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord of hosts, He is the King of glory. Selah (Psalm 24:7-10)

Jerry Henderson told us about a vision that Sandra Bowman had told her about. A follow-up conversation with Sandra confirmed that:
In 1992 Sandra was standing under a big tree across from Ms Bea’s.*
She looked up and saw Jesus on a white horse. The sky turned white all around Him.
He was riding (still in the sky) toward BHS.

*[It certainly did not go without notice that 3 of these visions occurred at approximately the same place, Ms Bea’s. Joyce S. reminded us that the location was where the first house of worship was built (the northeast corner of the intersection of Monticello and Second streets). A fish market is currently at that location. (How cool is that!) But carrying the allegory a bit further: they don’t actually catch fish there and to the casual observer it looks like it’s not open anymore – he who has ears let him hear…]

What now? Declare it out!! Spread the word!!
Welcome the Lord of Hosts into Brookhaven
Become part of the atmosphere being prepared. Create that atmosphere around you through praise and your words.
Open the gates to the King of Glory!
Agree with the move of God that is coming—and is already here—by declaring it out.
Proclaim His miracle-working presence.

We have received our “How can I pray for you?” buttons. They will be an excellent way to engage people and be of help.

Also, keep your eyes and ears open for further revelations of God’s presence and purpose.

Lift up your heads, O you gates! And the King of glory shall come in.
Image courtesy of Seven Oaks Art