Our purpose in putting this web site together is two-fold:

First, so that those who live here, anyone traveling through, or those planning to move to the area will have a point of contact for information about where they can worship and serve the Lord in Brookhaven.

Secondly, the Lord not only places a call on individual lives, but He also "calls" or "ordains" certain cities and places to be used by Him for a special purpose at a specific time. 

      Bethlehem was chosen by the Lord to be the birth place of the Messiah.

      The land of Canaan was chosen by the Lord to be the dwelling place of the nation Israel.

      Mt. Sinai was chosen by the Lord as the place He would give the law to His people while
      they dwelt in the wilderness.

      The Mt. of Olives will be the place He has chosen to place His feet upon when He returns.

There are many of us here in Brookhaven who believe that the Lord has a call on this city and that He has a plan for it.  For years prayer groups all around the city have been praying that the Lord would send a mighty revival to us and that we would truly be a city set upon a hill where people could see His glorious light shining brightly and desire to know Him for themselves in a personal, intimate way.

Some of the things that the Lord has been showing His people for years about Brookhaven are written on the Prophecies Concerning Brookhaven page.  We are thrilled, and humbled, that the Lord desires to use us for His glory. 

We hope that this site will be a blessing to you and that it will be a compass to help guide you to where you can be encouraged in the Lord during your stay in Brookhaven.

We have also provided a directory for your convience to help you with lodging and places to eat.
It is found on our links page.